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Career Quest Spring Career Expo - Wichita -April 16, 2017
Diversity Job Fair - Wichita - July 12, 2017
Career Quest Autumn Career Expo - Wichita - October 10, 2017
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" Your recent recruiting event in Wichita, Kansas was the absolute best job fair I’ve seen during my 17 years in the industry! "

Judy H.

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" The crowd was incredible, just incredible. We did well and are planning to do all of the other events for next year. "

Jim B.

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" Your CareerQuest Expo was absolutely the best job fair we have ever done. We got several hires from it. "

Tori L.

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" The job fair surpassed my expectations on the number of people interested in our company. We had around160 people applying for our jobs. "

Sandy M.

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" This was the best job fair we have participated in for a good while. We have already hired four people and are looking to hire six or seven more from the job fair. "

Susan J.

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" The job fair was absolutely great. We received a ton of applications, going through them now and anticipate we will be hiring some. "

Maria H.

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"The Career Expo was extremely successful and a perfect event for us to do our recruiting quickly and smoothly. We were able to hire four individuals from the event – it more than paid for the cost to attend. I’d love to be able to work with you in the future.. "

Stephanie B.

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" The event was a great success – event better than the previous year. To date, we have hired three people that we met at your event. We have to be very specific in the types of people we search for and this year we saw many more qualified people that we have an interest in interviewing. "

Mariann B.

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" The event was one of the best ever in terms of volume of participants and quality."

Carolyn P.

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" It was a productive event for me and I was impressed at the number of candidates willing to relocate. "

Wayne E.

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" The Wichita, Kansas Career Expo was very successful for our company resulting in interviewing or making offers for many positions. We will certainly mark our calendars annually for this event in the future. "

Cheryl D.

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"The results we experienced at the Career Expo in were fantastic. We received a large number of very good candidates and were very impressed with the way the event was handled. "

Richard G.

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" It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of such an outstanding event. We spoke to 75 to 90 persons seeking information or who were very interested in working for us. I highly recommended to my supervisor that we participate again in the future. "

Rosendo G.

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" Your last event was unbelievable! It was by far the best job fair I have ever attended. I have never seen such a well populated recruiting event with so many quality candidates. "

Bill G.

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" The event went really well for us. We brought 750 handouts and were out by 3 pm. This was one of the largest job fairs I have seen for a long time in Wichita. "

David G.

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" The Spring Career Expo was a record for us! We hired more people than ever…including management candidates for our various locations.. "

Michelle E.

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